1. What are your credit requirements for a loan ?
     We will be understanding when we review your credit, but are more interested in the collateral or equity that you have in the property.

 2. What are the terms of your loans ?
     We will do loans from twelve months up to two years with an option of  renewing for two more years, upon review.

 3. Are there any up front fees ?
     Yes, you will have your closing cost, inspections, and buyer fees

 4. Will you finance repairs ?
     Yes, we will reimburse you for repairs you have done, up to four draws as the repairs are inspected and completed.
 5. What type of loans do you do ?
     We handle all types of secured commercial & residential loans

 6. Will you loan on rental property?
    Yes as long as the property is in good condition and either you or the house has had a rental experience/history.

    No Home Equity Loans at this time


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